Strategy 2030

Although SOS Children's Villages has always been very successful in meeting the needs of the children and young people who constitute its target group, we must not rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we must now go beyond ourselves to strengthen our impact and care for more children.

It is on the basis of this major ambition that the organization SOS Children's Villages has defined two objectives for the year 2030.

Objective 1:

By 2030, ensure many more children with the warmth of a home and equal opportunities to succeed in life.
Our first goal is to build on our strengths and to look at our fundamentals in terms of innovation, building on the experience of the SOS Children's Village of tomorrow.

Objective 2:

Lead the most effective child care movement in the world to reaffirm that "no child should grow up alone".

Our second goal is to open our organization and unite individuals and partners to reaffirm that "no child should grow up alone".

The 2030 Strategy is closely aligned with many of the internationally recognized Sustainable Development Goals, which mark the way forward internationally to build a more just and prosperous world by 2030. We will be able to contribute significantly to the implementation of the United Nations Guidelines on Alternative Care for Children in the coming years, which will give our impact international visibility.

Our 2030 goals are driven by seven strategic initiatives.

  1. We will innovate in alternative care, we will make it grow and reinforce its integration into the community. By 2030, 95% of our alternative care programs will include families in the community or provide care in foster care. This will ensure that children and young people in our programs are full members of the society.
  2. We will strengthen families by focusing on better prevention of their separation and on improving emergency response. Our goal is that in 2030, 85% of families leaving in a family strengthening program will be self-reliant.
  3. We will empower young people by improving their care and employability. By 2030, 95 per cent of young people will demonstrate at least satisfactory progress in education, and 90 per cent will be self-sufficient after leaving alternative care.
  4. We will enable our target group to make its voice heard and strengthen the impact of advocacy. By 2030, we will be able to continuously contribute to the improvement of public policies for our target group in all countries where SOS Children's Villages is active.
  5. We will create a movement by mobilizing around quality care and sharing our experience and knowledge. By 2030, 150 SOS Children's Village programs will also develop alternative care partnerships with governments or other actors.
  6. We will simplify SOS Children's Villages. Creating a simpler, more flexible and more digital organization will allow us to devote more resources to supporting children and youth.
  7. Finally, we will be bold enough to increase the federation's funding from various markets to make the change we want possible. In particular, we will invest in high-potential non-European markets to convince more donors to support our mission. We also aim for a significant increase in government subsidies for national programs in all countries

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