Our areas of intervention


Our domain of intervention are:

  • Basic direct services essential to support children and young people;
  • Capacity building: We seek to improve
    the ability of families to provide quality care for their children, working directly with them or empowering communities to do the same.
  • Advocacy for Improved Policies and Practices: We advocate for measures to prevent the loss of parental care, to promote and protect the rights of the child. We also support the development and implementation of quality standards for alternative care.
  • Partnerships: We build partnerships for the delivery of support services and advocate for quality care.
    We form formal and / or informal partnerships with other stakeholders while combining our efforts to ensure that children in our target group have access to a range of relevant services and the formation of alliances for the protection of human rights and the child.


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Where we help

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon is member of SOS Children's Villages International. We are present in 133 countries around the world. Our programs are present  in two other sites:



with our headquater in Yaounde.

Contact us

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon

Adress: Omnisport opposite Annex N 1 Stadium

Rue 1595 Yaounde 5 

P.O. BOX: 12196 Yaounde-Cameroon 

Phone number: + 237 222 212 726

Email: Vesos.cameroun@sos-cameroun.org