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SOS Children's Villages are funded through sponsorship contributions from individuals, groups of individuals, companies or associations. The purpose of the sponsorship program is to provide long-term support to children in distress by covering the operating costs included in the SOS Children's Village Program budget.

Sponsors through their contributions help, strengthen neighborhood families and prevent child abandonment. To meet the different motivations of sponsors and ensure balanced funding, we have developed several forms of sponsorship and support for children participating in our programs. These forms of support concern sponsors and donors residing in Cameroon. For sponsorship from outside Cameroon, potential sponsors are kindly requested to contact our sponsorship office at the following address: (to be created)

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon has set up a local sponsorship program which is the means by which people of good will decide to accompany SOS Children's Villages Cameroon in the care of children who have lost parental care and those who run the risk of losing it.

To support us, you can:

- Sponsor a child (link) 

- Sponsor a family (link) 

- Sponsor a program or project (link) 

- Make a donation (link)

- Finance a project.

The National Directorate regularly provides the sponsors with reports and photos on the development of the sponsored child / home / village / Family Strengthening Program. This permits the sponsors to be aware not only of the action of SOS Children's Villages but also of the development of the organization.

NB: Your donation can be made in kind, in cash, by check, by post, or by bank transfer to the order of SOS KDI Villages d’Enfants Cameroun. Account 00054002017 CITIBANK


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SOS Children's Villages Cameroon is member SOS Villages d'Enfants International that is present in 133 countries and territories around the world. Our programs are present in Yaounde (Headquaters) and in two other sites:



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SOS Children's Villages Cameroon

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