Our target

A - In the alternative care of children

We target children deprived of adequate parental care, who live in a context of increased vulnerability, and who need a new permanent home and who fulfill the following criteria:

- Be aged from 0 to 8 years old unpon admission (except special dispensation);
- To be an orphan
- Being an abandoned child
- Being a child of a mentally ill Mother

... ETC.

B – In the original Families

We support children who are at risk of losing parental care and who meet the following criteria:

- Be under 18 years old
- Being in the area of intervention of one of our programs

N.B : The profile of our target group varies from place to place, depending on the specific factors putting children and their families at risk.

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Where we help

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon is member of SOS Children's Villages International. We are present in 133 countries around the world. Our programs are present  in two other sites:



with our headquater in Yaounde.

Contact us

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon

Adress: Omnisport opposite Annex N 1 Stadium

Rue 1595 Yaounde 5 

P.O. BOX: 12196 Yaounde-Cameroon 

Phone number: + 237 222 212 726

Email: Vesos.cameroun@sos-cameroun.org