SOS Herman GMEINER School Institutions.

In SOS Children's Villages Cameroon, education is both formal, non-formal and informal. Quality is the key word that governs the care of children in SOS Herman GMEINER school institutions in Douala. Skills development supports the educational action of children admitted to our structures. The ratios applied are of the order of: 36 pupils per teacher in primary schools and 25 children per teacher in kindergardens. Libraries and computer corners mastered by qualified and competent staff contribute to the reinforcement of the acquired knowledge in the teaching-learning process facilitated by experienced teachers. In addition, playgrounds exist in sufficient quantity in our schools, whether nursery or primary. These playgrounds are equipped to facilitate the development and overall development of each child.

In addition, SOS Children's Villages Cameroon, along with the Government of Cameroon, is helping to ensure primary education for all, especially the children in our target group, thanks to the School Scholarship Program that has been in place for some years now at each site. Indeed, thanks to the SSP (School Scholarship Program), the right of every vulnerable child from a disadvantaged social strata is respected.

SOS Children's Villages Cameroon, which has adopted the competency-based approach as a teaching method, is also experimenting the implementation of inclusive policy in its various schools with the support of partners.

One of SOS Children's Villages Cameroon's achievements at school level was the setting up of a project called « Ecole amie des enfants amie des filles » .This project had as ambitions:

  • Avoid discrimination against the girl,
  • Promote the gender approach in the primary schools of the city of Mbalmayo,
  • Promote the use of new information and communication technologies to enhance the quality of coaching / education of learners.
  • The annual capacity of SOS Hermann GMEINER schools in Cameroon is 888 students. To date these structures have welcomed 15,000 students among which graduates of higher education ... etc.

The advantages offered by the SOS Hermann GMEINER Primary School to its learners include:

  • Strict respect for the rights of the child, including the principle of participation;
  • Quality infrastructure;
  • Appropriate teaching material;
  • Computer and English education;
  • Effective integration of the socio-cultural activities of the community into the education of the enrolled;
  • School Scholarship Program


Douala Professional Training Center.

The CFP trains under-educated girls and young women from the Bakoko canton in Douala. The project aims to improve the living conditions of under-educated women and girls through the development of income-generating activities with the aim of achieving their socio-professional integration, their empowerment and better care for their children.

It will be a question of putting on the labor market after each training session a maximum of 50 girls / women now under schooled, equipped and able to create their own commercial activities. Training offered by the CFP: sewing, cooking, decoration, know how and good habit


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