Family strengthening

The family of origin is the best growth environment for a child. Unfortunately, many children experience difficult situations in their families, very often in extreme precariousness, which harm's way their care by their parents and exposes them to various forms of vulnerability, likely to compromise their development, and to facilitate their abandonment. With this in mind, SOS Children's Villages Cameroon, through its Family Strengthening Programs in Douala and Mbalmayo, gives to children who are at risk of losing care by their families to continue to grow in a family conducive to their development. To do this, we work directly with families and communities to help them effectively protect and care for their children, in collaboration with local authorities and other service providers.

In other to identify children in our target group, we look at four aspects of the caregiving situation: the environment, the presence of a long-term caregiver, their capacity and resources (its potential, its ability to be able and willing to recover), as well as the degree of stability of the proposed treatment. We check if the caregivers are able to collaborate and ensure the continuity of the services offered by SOS Children's Villages Cameroon, offer appropriate care for their offspring, or if children are at risk to be separated from their parents in the broadest sense of the word.

Thanks to the support of the partners (OBC, microfinance, and other development partners, etc.) and the community development actions carried out under the Program, we support the economic capacities of vulnerable families and communities, and develop their parenting skills to take care of their children's quality. This is how we focus on the key elements of preventing family separation, including: strengthening parents' capacity to guide the child's development, manage their home, and accompany the child in its education and career opportunities, as well as empowering young people so that they can pave the way for change in their families and communities.

These key elements are achieved through two approaches:

-The direct empowerment of the family, which aims at strengthening parental skills and economic capacities to consolidate families and support child development;

-The empowerment of the community to empower families. In other words, we develop and / or support the CBOs on the one hand, and on the other hand, we set up the "AVEC" to facilitate the economic development of the communities with their participation.

Our areas of intervention within the framework of Family strengthening are mainly focused on:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. The protection of the child
  4. Psychosocial support
  5. Training / capacity building
  6. Support for financing and setting up micro-projects
  7. Water, Hygiene and Sanitation.

1846 children and young people from 540 families in Douala and Mbalmayo participated and / or participate in Family strengthening in Cameroon and benefit from the services offered by this program since it was set up in 2006 in Mbalmayo and in 2015 in Douala.

211 families have been empowered to date.

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