The care of children in SOS families has long been our unique model of alternative care for Children who have lost parental care. With the concept of SOS Children's Villages, our organization opened in 1949, the way to long-term family care for orphaned and abandoned Children.
Currently, we are committed to identifying the most appropriate care option for each child, which leads us, on the one hand, to have more impact, and on the other hand to innovate and to reach out to a larger number of Children in our target group. Where necessary and in the best interests of the child, we offer alternative care in the SOS family through which children without parental care who certainly need a new home and long-term care can grow in a family-type environment, in line with the UN guidelines on alternative care for children, once the criteria are met and after approval by the competent authorities.
After 20 years of experience, SOS Children's Villages Cameroon currently has 23 SOS families in Douala and Mbalmayo, well managed by SOS Mothers, the mainstays of the Organization and true professionals of the care of children of our target group with the support of SOS Family Coordinators and youth educators, reference persons in the life of young people and ardent artisans of their professional integration and their autonomy.
With these caring SOS parents, children grow up as in normal natural families and grow in love, respect and safety. Cameroonian children and young people, initially vulnerable and in distress over time, dress their wounds, find a smile, a taste for life and a place in the society.
To date, SOS Children's Villages Cameroon has welcomed hundreds of children and young people into SOS families, some of whom have become: graduates of higher education, promoters of start-ups, entrepreneurs, engineers, etc ...
It should be noted that the Organization counts amongst the children / young people it cares for, well-made and full heads in specialized fields and / or in relation to the labor market, which are only waiting for opportunities to put their skills to the test, develop and serve their country with dignity and respect.
Our expertise in care currently permit us to:

  1. Integrate SOS families into the community in order to promote the socio-professional integration of the children / young people entrusted to us,
  2. Directly place children in extended families where necessary to preserve them from residential care and thus promote the care of children by members of their families in their natural environment,
  3. Setting up a life style for young people in semi independence and / or life style under care,
  4. Reintegrate children / young people into their natural / biological families where appropriate. As part of the alternative care of children, SOS Children's Villages Cameroon promotes and facilitates the maintenance of strong bonds between the child and his family of origin. Family strains of children are systematically sought when they are not known. We encourage and help children / young people to establish or maintain and strengthen contact with their natural families in the event that this does not affect their well-being. In addition, we make regular assessments of the choice of care by considering all possible options always in the best interests of the child. With this in mind, we encourage and guide the reintegration process within the biological family if this option is considered appropriate for the child. SOS Children's Villages Cameroon has about one hundred children and young people reintegrated into natural families.
  5. Reflections on the extension of the SOS parent model are underway, as well as care in foster care with the support of partners in the second case specifically.
    Admission of a child to care within SOS families is exempt from any financial participation. The child who has completely lost parental protection thus has the opportunity to grow and develop in a warm and loving family environment in which he will feel secure, protected and loved, and from which he will develop a strong social network.

In order to be admitted to care in an SOS family, one must be a child who is not cared for by at least one parent, including the extended family, regardless of the reasons or circumstances and which fulfills the following criteria:

  • Be between 0 and 8 years old, except for siblings (exceptions are made for older children from the same siblings).
  • Complete orphan (father and mother deceased) or semi-orphan not under the authority of a caretaker (one deceased parent and the other unable to care for the child).
  • Being a complete or semi-orphan with no care or being under the responsibility of a third party unable to provide quality care
  • Being a complete or semi-orphan being under the responsibility of a third party unable to provide stable care
  • To be an abandoned Child (child without family reference).

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