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"...Taking this occasion, I appeal to you all, to consider adding “Transparency” as one of our shared values. Transparency, linked with accountability, are inseparable fundamentals for good governance of this Federation at all levels. Our transparency reflects our understanding that future actions must be trustworthy and open to scrutiny by those to whom we are accountable. Distinguished members We are far from achieving our mission. In this planet, over 200 million children, including those without adequate parental care, are in distress.

These children are abandoned, traumatized, afraid and forgotten. They are suffering in silence. They are invisible on the global agenda, at risk of being left behind. The coronavirus pandemic, violent conflict and other factors have exacerbated the plights of these children and put fragile families at risk.

Our organization cannot care for them all, but we can advocate together with others, to defend child rights.

We must be united, trust each other, get stronger, reinvent ourselves to be more agile, and be ambitious to honor the targets outlined in Strategy 2030 approved five years ago, and to fulfil the Care Promise.

We have the capabilities to heal the trauma of those children, nurture their souls, bring smiles to their faces, and fill them with hope...

Finally, as I navigate through the challenges of our Federation and explore its huge potentials and opportunities, I will continue to count on the support of all members. The Vice President’s and my success – indeed, the success of the entire Federation -- requires your goodwill, trust, empathy, collaboration, and contributions. Of course, I am not the messiah that can swiftly deal with all challenges, but together with all of you, I aim to listen, learn, and lead the federation into the future.

Together, we can continue to work to fill vulnerable children and young people with hope. Let me close by reminding you of the words of the founding father Hermann Gmeiner. "Every great thing in this world only happens, when somebody does more than they have to do." With this spirit, let us all, wherever we are, do more and better for vulnerable children and young people. Thank you

Dr. Dereje Wordofa
President of SOS Children' s Villages International

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